PSTBN has a long history of consulting in maritime and aeronautical business. Our experience in maritime and aviation matters permits us to provide representation to ship-owners, cargo owners, charterers, carriers, insurers, P&I Clubs, adjusters, commercial airlines, freight forwarders, port and airport operators, and related business.

Our maritime and aeronautical law practice covers a wide range of matters including:

  • Cabotage and international trade.
  • Carriage of goods by sea, air and land.
  • Multi-modal transport and forwarding.
  • Ship sale and purchase, bareboat charters, ship finance and ship building.
  • Contracts of affreightment, time and voyage charters.
  • Draft and negotiation of contracts involving aircrafts, engines and aeronautical equipment such as sale and purchase, financing, simple and financial leasing, assignment of use and interchanges.
  • Collision, general and particular average, salvage and cargo claims.
  • Ship registration.
  • Arrest of vessels and aircraft.
  • Marine pollution cases.
  • Structuring LNG operations.
  • Litigation and administrative proceedings.