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Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja (“PSTBN”) is one of the largest and most prestigious firms in Paraguay. Founded in 1968, the firm’s reputation stems from its commitment to serving the needs of clients in diversified areas of specialization.

Over the last five decades PSTBN has been an active participant in legal innovation in Paraguay, advising the government on development strategies, working closely with the Congress in drafting and enacting new legislation, and has taken an active role in supporting university education.

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Our Corporate Department represents important companies, both local and foreign, in a wide range of activities in Paraguay. We assist local clients in international commercial transactions; and to foreign companies in the establishment and administration of their businesses in Paraguay, including the establishment of branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures.

We have extensive experience assisting clients in a range of projects such as mergers and acquisitions, share purchase agreements, supplier and vendor due diligence, foreign investments and river transportation, having participated in numerous deals.


Our Tax Department combines legal and accounting experience to ensure quality advice on every commercial, corporate or personal transaction, focusing on the best way to structure assets, assist with documentation and negotiate transactions.

Our team has developed a renowned reputation for investigating tax evasion, assisting in the interpretation of tax rules and establishing administrative appeals and procedures to recover tax credits due to withheld taxes, thus enabling local and foreign clients in their decisions from a tax regime perspective. .


Our Agribusiness Department, one of the oldest in Paraguay, specializes in finding unique and innovative legal solutions for this industry, and provides advice to some of the most recognized companies in the country and abroad.

We cover the entire range of agribusiness activities, structuring legal solutions for national and international financing, relationships with producers, investors, marketers and ultimately with all parties involved in the industry.


PSTBN has developed and strengthened its highly competitive insurance and reinsurance department with deep knowledge of the insurance market. Our specialists in insurance and reinsurance law provide legal advice to various insurance companies in Paraguay and reinsurance companies residing abroad, related to registration and local authorization to operate, corporate matters, regulatory and compliance aspects in insurance matters. , claims for claims, advice on the design of new insurance products, updating of registered insurance plans, advice on insurtech and new technologies applied to the insurance industry, insurance coverage in all Branches (Property and/or Life) and defenses to the insured. We also provide legal advice and representation to local and foreign reinsurance brokers. PSTBN is updating the insurance department every day, providing legal services in consulting on insurance legislation and regulation, representation in judicial and administrative procedures, contracts and negotiations.

We advise clients on insurance industry transactions and regulatory matters. Lawyers in the area have an active practice in matters of (i), obtaining authorizations to operate, matters arising from different risks, life branch coverage and private capital investments in the insurance industry, mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies ; and (ii) regulatory matters of a global, controversial, novel and technological nature. PSTBN advises on the development and adjustment of insurance products; discussions with authorities on regulatory matters; participation in evaluations related to the settlement of losses and claims, as well as other matters related to (re)insurance brokerage; conducting friendly negotiations and judicial disputes. The insurance area is assisted by other lawyers from the firm specialized in areas such as construction/infrastructure, financial law, maritime and river law, environmental, consumer defense, tax, aviation, agribusiness, real estate and others.


Our Regulatory Compliance team provides legal advice to a wide variety of companies interested in addressing and preventing corruption issues, covering the preparation and implementation of anti-corruption programs, adapted to the needs and culture of companies, considering local and foreign laws.

Our team has provided training and best practices for the adoption of anti-corruption programs and the creation or updating of company codes of conduct.


Our Foreign Investment Projects Department stands out for providing legal advice to foreign clients who acquire, manage or divest investments in Paraguay. We handle all aspects related to clients’ projects, including the coordination of feasibility studies, contact with the Paraguayan government to promote the implementation of tax incentives offered by the Investment and Maquila Acts, and the launch of said operation.

Our Main Partners have participated in the drafting and implementation of the Law on Incentives for Economic Development (Law No. 60/90) and we have Partners with extensive experience in Maquila, involved for several years in the Committee that created it.


Our Telecommunications Department has vast experience and knowledge in the sector, providing a wide range of services to some of the world’s most innovative leading companies. In recent years, we have participated in many investment projects in telecommunications, mainly in the legislative reform that stimulates and guarantees the participation of the private sector.

Our team has developed a well-known reputation for representing various telecommunications companies, assisting clients in regulatory, commercial and transactional matters, including mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and competition review.


“Our Labor Department has vast experience in comprehensive preventive advice and in providing creative and effective solutions in matters related to labor law; providing fast, practical advice for client business or individual needs, minimizing employment legal issues and promoting productive work environments.

We provide advice on general labor law, and we also have extensive experience in aeronautical and river-maritime labor law issues, advising the most important shipping companies in the country, both in preventive advice and in litigation.

We have extensive solvency in managing the different procedures and procedures before the labor and social security administrative authorities. Our partners are active litigators in Labor Courts, and also university professors in the specialty for many years.

Our team of specialized lawyers offers a comprehensive service in interdisciplinary labor matters, creating close links with human resources departments, in order to resolve the different situations that arise within the company.”


Our Litigation and Conflict Resolution Department has carried out, for almost 50 years, the fundamental activity of representing clients before civil, commercial, administrative, family and labor courts, acting as plaintiffs and defendants.

Our team, which also includes experts in processes related to alternative means of dispute resolution, is made up of some of the most recognized litigators in Paraguay and has represented clients in multiple cases that have established key precedents and jurisprudence.


Our Natural Resources and Hydrocarbon Exploration Department represents companies interested in obtaining mineral and hydrocarbon exploration concessions, having assisted clients in negotiations with the Executive and Legislative branches.

Our team of lawyers has vast experience in the field and plays a key role in obtaining potential permits and concessions for clients, as well as promoting innovation in mining contracts and regulations.


Our Natural Resources and Hydrocarbon Exploration Department represents companies interested in obtaining mineral and hydrocarbon exploration concessions, having assisted clients in negotiations with the Executive and Legislative branches.

Our team of lawyers has vast experience in the field and plays a key role in obtaining potential permits and concessions for clients, as well as promoting innovation in mining contracts and regulations.


Our Real Estate and Hotel Investment Department handles local and international real estate transactions, representing real estate owners, developers, lenders and investors. The attorneys assist their clients by providing legal advice in matters such as acquisitions, sales, administration, leasing, financing and restructuring of real estate properties into a single asset, as well as in development projects throughout the country.

Our team of lawyers is highly capable, and has actively participated in the establishment of some of the most recognized International Hotel Chains in Paraguay.


Our Banking and Finance Department has substantial experience advising leading banks established in Paraguay, as well as foreign financial and credit institutions, in their relationships with local clients.

Our team of professionals has successfully participated in the establishment of several branches of international banks, representing them in Paraguay; and we also represent financial institutions that do not have branches or subsidiaries in Paraguay, but offer financing to the Paraguayan government, independent government agencies or private companies.


Our Intellectual Property Department is responsible for providing a comprehensive service in all areas related to the specialty. The services provided to clients range from the registration of Trademarks, Invention Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Drawings, Denominations of Origin, through issues that concern Copyright and Related Rights, where we have extensive experience. in advising on the entertainment industry.

We also have vast experience in advising and legal deposit of computer programs (software). Our expertise also includes issues related to contractual matters, regarding concessions of Product Licenses and Franchises, Distribution Contracts, Representation and Agency Rights, and also Valuation of Intangible assets and issues related to Competition.

The professionals who make up the department have extensive experience in jurisdictional issues; where they have been successful in trials that concern Contentious-Administrative matters, as well as in actions filed in Civil and Criminal jurisdictions.


Our Sports Management and Law Department is specialized in providing legal advice related to civil, labor and administrative legislation, including commitments, negotiation techniques, marketing, sponsorships, insurance, merchandising, intellectual property law, human resources, telecommunications rights, rights economics and doping in the sports industry.

Our team understands the unique issues that operating in the industry presents, including the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships, controlling sensitive information, maintaining privacy and confidentiality, and achieving objectives under tight deadlines; and we have dealt with International Sports Arbitration issues before FIFA, CAS/TAS and others.


PSTBN has a long history of advising on maritime and aeronautical businesses. Our experience allows us to provide assistance to shipowners, shippers, charterers, carriers, insurers, P&I clubs, insurance adjusters, commercial airlines, cargo agency, port and airport operators, and other related businesses.

Our maritime and aviation law area provides a wide range of services:

Cabotage and international transport.
Maritime, air and land cargo transportation.
Multimodal transport.
Purchase and sale of vessels, bareboat leases, financing and construction of vessels.
Preparation and negotiation of contracts involving aircraft, engines and aeronautical equipment such as purchase and sale, financing, simple and financial leasing, transfer of use, and exchanges of aircraft.
Volume contracts, time and voyage charters.
Collisions, general and particular average, salvage and cargo claims.
Registration of ships and boats.
Embargo and interdiction of ships and aircraft.
Maritime pollution cases.
Structuring of LNG operations.
Litigation and administrative procedures.

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